The Stamford shop is temporarily closed but we are able to take online orders and deliver bikes. Please call 01780 437984 if you would like to discuss. Many Thanks for your understanding. Cranking E-Bikes.

At Cranking E-Bikes we want to offer something a little different from the traditional cycle shop, we will:

•Sell smaller e-bike brands in our Stamford (Lincs) shop and online. Will stock what we believe are the best bang for buck bikes on the market.

•Receive, build and service consumer direct bikes. +Warranty depending on the manufacturer.

•Accept your current e-bike as trade in for a new one.

•Create an online 2nd hand e-bike market.

•Offer a full workshop service for all e-bikes. Servicing, battery/ motor testing etc.

Support local mountain bike causes/ trails.


+44 (0)1780 437984

1 Cobblestone Yard, Bath Row

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